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The Citrus and Levy County Water Purification Company

For water softeners and water purification system installation, water analysis, filtration, service or repairs call on Nature Coast Water. Our water treatment solutions will provide you with fresh clean water for cooking, drinking or bathing. We know that everyone’s budget and needs are different when it comes to water filtration solutions in Crystal River, Inverness, Dunnellon, Homosassa and surrounding areas in Citrus and Levy Counties. We service what we sell. Call for a free estimate for repair of your existing water filtration treatment systems for your home or business.
Dirty Water Filter — Water System in Yankeetown, FL

NEW Fusion Water Conditioner

Multi-Purpose Softening Material for problem water

FUSION is an advanced multi-purpose softening material mix for problem water. Fusion is a great option for removing Iron, Tannins, Hardness. All this is accomplished with one filter and without the use of harsh chemicals. Like a standard softener it only requires salt.  Read more
Water Softener — Water System in Yankeetown, FL

Water Softeners and Water Conditioners

Each model is a fully automatic water conditioning system designed to:
  • Soften your home's water supply by reducing the amount of minerals containing calcium and magnesium
  • Filter unwanted sand, sediment, and pipe scale that can accumulate in your water home's water system
  •  Read more
Reserve Osmosis — Water System in Yankeetown, FL

Reverse Osmosis

A reverse osmosis system is small system that sits underneath your sink but uses a separate faucet. With a reverse osmosis water system, you separate minerals such as iron and chloride from the water, which makes it cleaner and softer. Though the system is small, it removes just about everything from the water, leaving you with clean, refreshing water.
All of our systems come with a manufacturers warranty which is typically a 5 year warranty which covers hardware only. If you want to make payments on a system we offer a 12 month same-as-cash plan to all of our customers. To learn more please give us a call at 352-447-6002.